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KPTEVTA & Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) meeting on Foreign Job Opportunities


A meeting between KP-TEVTA and Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) held on 28-05-2024 to enhance foreign job opportunities for our graduates. The session included a presentation from OEC Islamabad, showcasing OEC’s job portal and achievements.

During the meeting KP-TEVTA, introduced its newly developed pass-outs portal, which integrates data from the Qualification Awarding Bodies and allows graduates to register, update credentials, and enter employment status.

We discussed integrating KP-TEVTA’s portal with OEC’s job portal and launching an SMS campaign to inform graduates about foreign job opportunities.

OEC will provide promotional materials to help our trainees access job information. Our Director (Academics/Operations) emphasized collaborating with Vocational Counselling and Job Placement offices for better opportunities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work towards better opportunities for our graduates!

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