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Academics Section

Academics Section , has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA:

  1. Formulate such policies and methodologies pertaining to academic technology education so as to ensure smooth functioning of the institutions.
  2. Prescribe standard curriculum, teaching learning material text books, student work books, training manuals, lesson planning, practical internship programs and the prescribed format for the submission of thesis by the students/trainees on completion of their internship program.
  3. Devise training modules for various courses of technical education and vocational trainings as per the requirements of the market for skilled and technical professionals in the public and private sector industries/professions at the local, national level.
  4. Ensure quality training program through subscription to suitable accreditation system.
  5. Update periodically the curricula keeping in view the day to day developments in technology as per market demand.
  6. Find the new scientific and technological advancement with the help of research and development initiatives and in consultation with the directorate of human resource and the institutional management committees (imcs), besides constant and vigilant contacts with other provinces of pakistan and international agencies of science and technology.