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Administration and Human Resource Section

The Directorate of Administration and Human Resource, has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA:

  1. Keep the Board, the Chairperson and Managing Director of the Authority informed about the day to day business of the Authority and the institutions under its administrative control;
    2. Ensure service discipline and good order in the Authority and its institutions;
    3. Coordinate with the monitoring and evaluation section and shall, on the recommendation of the said section, enforce   the punishment and reward system;
    4. Process cases of appointment by initial recruitment, by transfer and by promotion in accordance with this Regulation;
    5.Initiate, process and pursue all amendments in the laws, Rules and regulations;
    6. Protect the rights of employees of the Authority conferred on them by the law;
    7. Allot the official residential accommodations to the employees of the Authority, on the terms and conditions as specified for government servants of the Government;
    8. Install office and residential telephone connections as per policy of the Authority;
    9. Assist the Managing Director in preparation of agenda for the meeting of the Board, recording minutes of the meeting and pursuing implementation of the decisions of the Board;
    10.Arrange training, workshops seminars and courses for the teaching staff for its capacity building;
    decide, in consultation with the Directorate of Academics, the number of seats for admission to various courses and training in the institutions under the Authority;
    11. Advise schemes and explore venues for provision of funds for creating scholarships and stipends, for the talented students/ trainees and trainers of teachers, within the country and abroad;
    12. Formulate mechanism for generation of funds by introducing special courses and arranging service outlets in various fields for financial sustainability of the Authority;
    13. Undertake a continuous process to discover opportunities, venues and Industrial Market and prospective business requirements and to evaluate the quantum of experienced hands and skilled personnel’s needed to the market which should be produced by the Institutions, Colleges and Centers of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority and make available to the market;
    14. Intimate to the Director Finance all appointments, promotions, resignations and terminations of the employees. For every employee, a proper service book or personal file shall be maintained containing all information of his service from recruitment till his retirement, termination or removal from service, as the case may be.
    15. The passed out trainees shall register themselves with the Section and the Section shall maintain data of all such trainees, regularly updating the same.
    16. The unemployed personnel may keep liaison with the Section for seeking jobs.
    17. All the Regional offices and Institutions under the administrative control of the Authority shall submit in the form Annexure-I, monthly progress report of their performance to the Section. The Section shall compile such reports and place the same before the Board on quarterly basis.