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Information and Communication Technology Sub Section

 ICT sub-section working under M&E Section , has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA

  1. Prepare strategic and operational plans for the Information and Communications Technology tools, processes and systems to meet the requirements of business and contribute to the achievement of short and long term goals of the Authority.
  2. Manage and provide oversight for the implementation of an Information and Communications Technology security strategy and disaster recovery plan that minimizes the risk of data loss and breach of privacy of the Authority’s information.
  3. Ensure development, implementation and maintenance of policies related to Information and Communications Technology services, including procurement, distribution and assets management.
  4. Develop and manage the planning and budgeting for the Authority’s Information and Communications Technology services.
  5. Develop sourcing strategy to ensure appropriate procedures for selecting proper equipment and services vendors of Information and Communications Technology.
  6. Oversee the implementation and maintenance of technology infrastructure in line with the Authority’s growth plans, and changing business requirements for technological advancements.
  7. Provide methods, tools and procedures for data integrity assurance and guarantee daily operation.
  8. Ensure Information and Communications Technology systems comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
  9. Exercise control and monitoring of corporate Information and Communications Technology projects progress.
  10. Oversee special projects, including planning, scheduling, managing and progress reporting for new system implementations.
  11. Ensure continuous improvement of the quality and cost efficiency of the Information and Communications Technology services.
  12. Computerize all the activities of the head Office, Regional Offices and colleges/institutions of the Authority.
  13. Arrange proper networking of all the activities of Head Office, colleges and institutions of the Authority and update it from time to time.
  14. Develop a website of the Authority for hoisting all  the programs or events or progress in different fields and achievements of its Directorates, offices, colleges and institutions.
  15. Coordinate in training of teachers and students in the information technology, software and hardware.
  16. Perform any other function relating to the Information and Communications Technology, as assigned by the Board or the Managing Director.