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Purchase of Training Equipment ( Computers, Furniture , Office Equipment, CCTV Cameras ) for various projects

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  1. Purchase of Computers, Furniture and Office Equipment for KP-TEVTA Head Office  – Download
  2. Purchase of Missing Equipment for GTVC(B) Samarbagh, Dir Lower – Download
  3. Devolution of Finance & Budget Modules (ODOO ERP) to Field Formations & Support & Maintenance of Existing ERP Modules – Download BSD , Download SoR
  4. Installation of CCTV Cameras in GCT Khar Bajaur & GPI Ekka Ghund Mohmand Agency. (ADP:193183-Overcoming of Staff/Equipment Deficiencies in Technical Institutes in FATA) – Download

Note :

All bidders are directed to submit all securities as CDR

Bid Processing fee shall be submitted as pay order