Procurement Section

Procurement Section, has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA:

  1. The Section  shall make procurement on the recommendations of the Procurement Committee, as mentioned in the Rules.Provided that procurement of less than the value of Rs. 0.2 million shall be made, subject to sanction of the Authority, by the Director of the respective Section, without the recommendations of the Procurement Committee.
  2. The term of the Procurement Committee shall be two years. The Board, may, however, dissolve it at any time during its term and constitute a new Committee. The Board may extend the term of an existing Committee or a member thereof for a further period of one year.
  3. Quorum for spot procurement shall be four members including the Convener.Provided that if the Convener is not in a position to accompany the committee, he may nominate any of the members to act as convener for any spot procurement.


Procurement Plan

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