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Monitoring and Evaluation Section

 Monitoring And Evaluation Section, has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA:

  1. Have a watch on the day to day progress of the developmental, operational and functional performance of all the Sections, Colleges, Institutions and Centers of the Authority.
  2. Ensure economy in expenditure, prudence in administration, honesty in financial transactions and efficiency in work.
  3. Inspect the sites of projects and check the suitability of the site, feasibility of the scheme, Bill of Quantity, the sufficiency of funds and execution of work according to the approved plan/ time frame in the respective PC-I.
  4. Monitor the quality of specified materials used in the project, from its initial stage till the completion of the scheme.
  5. Suggest remedial measures in case of any drawbacks, short comings and bottlenecks in the formulation and proper management of projects, effective functioning of the institutions and performance of the functionaries of the Authority.
  6. Evaluate, after completion of a project or expiry of an annual session of the institutional performance, the achieved objectives, and scrutinize with objective analysis as to whether the assigned targets have been achieved or not.
  7. Prepare a PC-V of the completed projects and developmental schemes after two years of the completion of the scheme but not later than 5 years and shall submit a PC-V report to the Board accordingly.
  8. Periodically evaluate the performance of the teaching staff in the institutions of the Authority to regulate their overall efficiency through a reward and punishment system and ensure the accountability of the resources used and results obtained.
  9. Prepare and submit periodic reports to the Managing Director and annual reports to the Board on the functional audit of the institutions and offices of the Authority.

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