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Establishment of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority

(1)  As  soon  as  may  be,  after  the commencement  of  this Act,  Government  shall  establish  an Authority to  be known  as  the  Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa  Technical  Education  and  Vocational Training Authority (hereinafter referred to as the “TEVTA”), to impart such technical  education  and  vocational  skills through  institutions  under  its administrative  and  regulatory  control,  which  is  based  on  syllabi  acceptable nationally  and internationally,  is  accredited  with national  and international institutions,  is  responsive  to  the  market  needs  and  provides nationally and internationally acceptable hands on experience to its trainees.

(2) Soon after the notification of the establishment of TEVTA in the official  Gazette, by  the  Industries,  Commerce  and  Technical  Education Department, TEVTA shall, except  colleges  of  commerce,  business administration  or  management  sciences, take  over  the administrative  and regulatory control over all colleges, institutes and centers by whatever name called, imparting technical education and vocational trainings and which are working under the  administrative  and  regulatory  control  of  Directorate, immediately before existence of TEVTA.

(3) The TEVTA shall  be  a  body  corporate  having  perpetual succession,  and  a  common  seal  with  the  power  to  acquire  and  dispose  of property both movable and immovable and shall by the said name sue and be sued: Provided  that  the  movable  and  immovable  property  owned  by  the TEVTA  shall  not  be  sold,  leased out  or  otherwise dispensed without  prior approval of the Government.

(4) The  main office of the TEVTA shall be at Peshawar and shall have such other regional offices at such places in the Province as Government may deem appropriate.

(5) The Board in discharging its function shall be guided by such direction as  Government  may  from  time  to  time  give  and  shall  be  accountable  to Government for its performance.