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Construction of Guard Room at Govt. Technical Vocational Center (W) Booni Chitral
Solarization of Technical Education Institutes in Newly Merged Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (FATA DA ADP 2018-19)
Corrigendum / Extension in Date
Upgradarion of GTVC to the Level of GPI at GTVC (B) Chitral
Upgradation of Vocational Institute to Technical College Tehsil Dargai
Purchase of Training Material for GTVC Mardan
Request for Proposal - Hiring Of Training/Service Providers/Enterprises/Firms For Imparting Quality Skill Training In Demand-Oriented Occupations/Trades
Re-tender - Purchase of Training Material for GCT Peshawar out of KP-TEVTA Operational Budgets 2022-23
Auction of Dry Trees at GTVC (B) Gulbahar, Peshawar